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A Sigil is a symbolic pattern that refers to a specific deity, spirit, or energy. It is usually composed of the letters of the name of the energy but there are many elaborate rituals for creating them. They are most often used to invoke the named spirit for the purpose of direct communication

Venus Sigil $5.00

Stitched in copper floss, the metal of Venus, is perfect invoking her aspect of abundance. The design can be stitched with waste fabric on any piece of clothing. Consider stitching on a tarot bag or cover for your Book of Shadows, anywhere the Goddess's grace is needed. To transform this design into a Love spell simply stitch in red or pink rayon floss. This chart measures 5" x 5" when stitched on 14 count fabric.

Venus Sigil Web $6.00

Stitched in copper floss, the metal of Venus, onto a silver spider web is great for any kind of web weaving. Using waste canvas , you can stitch it on the breast pocket or shoulder of any garment. Stitch it on 14 count Aida and frame with an embroidery hoop for a Wiccan style dreamcatcher.This chart measures just over 5" x 5" when stitched on 14 count fabric.
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