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Our charts can be purchased, downloaded and printed all in the same day, without incurring any shipping or handling charges!

Once your secure payment through Paypal is confirmed you will receive an e-mail link that leads you to the page that contains your chart.

The charts are formatted in Adobe Acrobat Reader. All you need do is go to File>Save As and save the chart to your hard drive. From there you can print the chart. You may also print the chart from the web page but this link will expire in 48 hours so it is important that you keep your own copy.

It's quick and easy.



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About our Charts

These cross stitch charts are carefully designed one stitch at a time. They are not just thrown into a computer program and automatically generated. I do use a computer generated program but I do not generate charts automatically. The program serves to neatly displays the chart and provides important information about floss use and stitch type once the chart is rendered. I can also include special instructions and options if need be.

All colors, stitch styles and types are are placed by hand to best reproduce the original graphic. Not all images are conducive to becoming cross stitch pieces. I am careful to choose appropriate images that translate well into the pixel type look particular to cross stitch. I make sure to retain the elegance and grace of line and pattern in every translation from original art work to cross stitch pattern.  Most of the images I use are original works of art.

I try to use the same families of color in all my charts, so you can make use of those partially used skeins of floss and I keep the number of unique colors to a minimum. This does not limit the pallet however as innumerable colors are possible through blending. This technique offers a more subtle range of colors than is possible through pre dyed floss, and it keeps you from buying 100 skeins of floss for one picture. Keeping up with such a large number of colors while stitching has never been enjoyable to be. However, I salute those with the patience!

I take your time and money as seriously as I do my own. I show this by investing great care and a great deal of time to make sure that each chart will be a pleasure to stitch and will reward you with a beautiful image for your efforts.



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