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Handfasting / Wedding Sash $5.00
 This Handfasting sash is stitched with 14 count tear away cross stitch fabric on linen. However, one could make a sash of cross stitch fabric as some fine evenweave linens are available. The stitched area is 6 5/8 " square.This pattern is stitched in colors representing the 4 elements. It contains a rune spell for a happy and lasting marriage. For the explanations of this spell and the meanings of the runes see below.

Wedding / Handfasting Rune Spell

This spell is to be read something like a card spread There are 4 major groups of runes representing the 4 directions. Additionally, each direction implies a function. The north is what is before us in is the physical world and the physicality of the couple themselves. The south what is supporting them, invisible forces as well as friends, family and belief systems. The east and west both flank the circle with the left side holding runes that will refer to what forces precede this union and result in the forces of the right flank. These flanks represent eternal energies that surround and bless this coupling.

The Northern Group:
This group begins to the left with Berkana the rune of new beginnings. Next it acknowledges the couple themselves with Gebo the rune of partnership. At the apex of the group, the visual center, lies Wunjo, the rune of joy. This is to emphasize that Joy should be the reigning spirit of the day! These three are followed by references to 2 kinds of property. Fehu refers to the couple's physical, temporal property, their possessions and accomplishments. Next, Othala, which historically refers to inherited property as this was considered an eternal birthright that could not be sold. In our time Othala also refers to feelings, attributes and inheritances of temperament that we consider inseparable from ourselves. Other inheritances, like how we feel about the land as our inherited home and its inhabitants as our brethren, are included. Additionally this rune calls on that which is not literally ours, that which cannot be possessed, but who's power comes to us through lineage and time.
The Southern Group:
This group refers to the forces that support this couple. They are all three protective forces. At the center is Inguz. This rune protects the household. He is surrounded by Elhaz on the right a powerful rune of personal protection. This rune represents divine aspiration coupled with otherworldly assistance. On the left, Dagaz, a rune that is said to stop harm from entering any openings, literal or ritual, that we make. Dagaz, meaning "day", is a rune of radiating power protective of health and prosperity.
The East and West Flank:
At the west, left, we have Uruz the rune of strength and ox like fortitude. Uruz is partnered with Sowulo, who's power like a laser beam illumines our goal while shunning decay and degradation. This western group is placed to precede and create the conditions for what follows on the right. Kenaz, keeper of the hearth fire and the unbreakable bond, the very seal that we celebrate with this Handfasting. (If desired, of course, this seal can be conditionally broken as set forth in the marriage vows, such as "till death do we part" or " for as long as Love shall live between us".) Kenaz is coupled with Ehwaz, rune of the horse, representing the intimate loyalty and trust necessary to cultivate a successful partnership.

All of these runes are included because their special powers spell out, if you will, our wishes for this couple and pave the way for their success and fortune together.This spell is a blessing and a protective cloak of energy sent to accompany them as they walk the rich path of married life.

Blessed Be,

T. Evans.

*Reference material:

For a more detailed understanding of runes and their meanings see these publications.

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pub.Thorsons 1992
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Runes, by Nigel Pennick,
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The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum
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