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Diana can be stitched on a variety of dark & medium toned fabrics. Here she is shown on natural linen. She is surrounded by 13 full & 13 dark apple moons, 4 lunar crescents, 4 faithful hounds, and 10 celtic knots. She stands before the lunar glyph of the Triple Goddess, accompanied by a fawn and sporting her bow, quiver and a great pair of lace up leather sandals. This chart measures 344 stitches wide by 280 stitches high. It is stitched in DMC Rayon colors for a soft lunar sheen.

Diana & the 13 Moons


For hightened drama Diana can be stitched on black fabric

Skyclad $12.00

An adventurous witch flies shamelessly before a bursting full moon. Framed by a silky spider's web, this piece measures 181 stitches wide by 182 stitches high on black Aida.


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