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Celtic Fire Dragon $5.00

This traditional Celtic knot fire dragon is composed of whole stitches and black backstitch outline. The pattern measures 63 x 85 stitches and is appropriate as a centered motif for any project you may have in mind. A few suggestions are, the cover for your Book of Shadows, centered on an altar cloth or using tear away cross stitch fabric stitch him on your t shirt or blue jeans.

Celtic Love Pillow $8.00

This pattern is stitched on a 12"x 12" piece of 14 count (14 stitches per inch) cream Aida. It uses full, half and quarter stitches plus a lace specialty stitch that is very easy and satisfying to do. See our How To pages to find instructions on sewing a pillow cover. There are countless other ways to display this piece. For instance it can be matted and framed or used to upholster the top of a box. You, no doubt, will have your own ideas. No one ever need know that this beautiful pillow is actually a magical Love spell waiting to be awakened.

The Celtic Love Pillow is an effective addendum to any serious Love spell you wish to cast. Not only because of the sensual implications of a pillow but the entwined figures illustrate the intimacy and commitment desired from most love relationships. The Celtic knot boarder symbolizes the cyclical, cosmic path that crosses and unties all points in space and time. The tiny lace stitch that tightly boarders the figures in a wave pattern, reminds us of the vicissitudes of earthly life. Including it is to declare that this couple has the skill to ride these waves in peace. The waves are intentionally placed external to the central figures (you and your love) and interior to the cosmic path of the knot boarder. This is the basic spell protocol of this needlework design. The colors are chosen to evoke an earthy physical relationship with deep emotional bonds. Change these colors to further personalize your spell.

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